Guard Dog Training – Attack Dog Training Secrets!

Guard dog training / Attack dog training Secrets!!

This Dog training video is about guard dogs, attack dogs, personal protection dogs, killer dogs, or whatever type of training a dog trainer may call it. In reality, this video is a well trained black German shepherd (Shepard, Shepperd, Sheppard) some people spell German shepherd wrong! A well trained Doberman pinscher and guard dog training are done on a Rottweiler or Rottie. Guard dog training and attack dog training is a serious business, so be sure to choose a qualified dog trainer. There is a big difference between a dog trainer that only demos dog training and their own trained dog, and a dog trainer that shows dog training on dogs that have been trained by their clients under supervision. That is the difference between e decent trainer and a good dog training technique. You can find more info about k9-1 specialized dog training’s technique and info on Mike D’Abruzzo by going to
Thank you for watching my attack guard protection dog training video!
Michael D’Abruzzo

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20 Responses to Guard Dog Training – Attack Dog Training Secrets!

  1. Mallxh Mo says:

    1 week ? Its been 1 minute 😂😂😂😂

  2. Makeupaddictamber 1 says:

    Only thing my dog will do if sumone comes to my house is smell them and just follow them till they pet her😂😭I needa train her😭🤦‍♀️

  3. keene hinacay says:

    big dog hehehe

  4. Androne Laurentiu says:

    The truth is, dogs have their unique way to think, and when you want to teach your dog advanced lessons and tricks, you ought to perceive the secrets behind their actions Watch here ==> Guard dog training / Attack dog training Secrets!!

  5. Jewel Hasan says:

    Frustrated pet owners! If you want to have a healthier, happier dog, if you want to obedience train your dog now, and stop him from relieving himself on your carpet, chewing up your designer shoes, nipping at your guests and a whole lot more… See how to traing your dog in a right way ==> Guard dog training / Attack dog training Secrets!!

  6. Charles Underwood says:

    Thank you for this, I’m so proud of my dog and myself, my dog did this following theses instructions, again thank you… i will start doing the clean your paws next! Warm greetings. Here is the official link:

  7. Yadigg TreTV says:

    My dog would've bite his fucking head off

  8. Spencer Pope says:

    Correct any dog behavior; get the right info, tools and confidence through videos. Get the right info, tools and confidence through videos to correct ANY dog behavior. There are a few real keys to dog training .

  9. Isacc Cobb says:

    An obedient dog certainly won’t cause downside to the neighbors by chasing them across the fence and barking if he or she walks from your yard. Here is the official link: .

  10. Alan Tube Hd says:

    Where can I buy a dog from your store

  11. Danielle Stark says:

    That's an example of how protective Rottweilers of their owner

  12. Rob Rhynes says:

    kasch will make a good attack dog when he attack that man at first he should take him down to the ground i like him

  13. B Gazym says:

    1) That "Talk Shit, Get Bit" shirt also doubles as court evidence. =) Don't get your dog shot.

    2) Whatever the "magic word" is, I'm sure there's a word kept secret from the dog owners that over rides the magic word that the owners choose or are given. So only you can trust you to train your own dog. & this video teaches nothing of the sort.

  14. Chris Weston says:

    Actually show how to teach them to attack!! No one has videos with tutorials!!

  15. Faith Haenga says:

    I Ave a big dog that attack a ugly indean

  16. Deni Murrani says:

    im sorry can i ask you that how months should be the dog to start training please?

  17. Sandro Kizikeli says:

    is it possible to make west siberian laika protective?

  18. studisme says:

    Oh wow! What gorgeous, beautiful animals they are! More loyal than most humans. And you guys are certainly 'the dogs bollox' when it comes to training! Well done. Would love to have my Great Dane trained with you fellas!

  19. Anonymous says:

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  20. mr_death47 says:

    They go after the arm because most of them are trained to do so but look at the armys dogs they go for the throat right off the bat you cant own a dog like that the police will shoot it

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