How to TEACH ANY DOG to STOP BARKING Humanely, Effectively, and Naturally!

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How to train your dog not to bark

Literally, THOUSANDS of you have requested this video! Unwanted barking is the reason so many people give up on a dog. Share this video so that more people know how to handle this easy to correct the issue.

In my research before making this video, I discovered so many videos offering some pretty questionable advice and some downright bad advice. When I found decent videos almost all of them included one type of unwanted barking and one dog.

This video includes lots of different examples and varied advice for different situations, including what to do when your dog will not respond to you even if you have treats.

Does your dog bark people, dogs, other animals? Does your dog bark when you are walking? Does your dog bark when you leave? There is no need to use punishment to teach your dog to not bark. Adopt an attitude of patience and you’ll fix this in no time at all!

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A) Unwanted Jumping
B) Staying at the front door so that your dog doesn’t run into the street
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39 Responses to How to TEACH ANY DOG to STOP BARKING Humanely, Effectively, and Naturally!

  1. Stephanie In the wild says:

    I think smacks are a bad way of training. Then you'll always have to bribe your doggie. Nope not in my house. I say water bottle spray in the house or the hose outside outta do it. After a few times it will get the point. Then about the fourth time it sees you with the shooter it will shut up and you don't even have to water spray them. Some big dogs love water so it won't work for these kind.

  2. Penny Jo Wagner says:

    I've watched so many videos……. everyone says "give your dogs a walk, exercise". I am a bird dog trainer, and the dogs RUN off leash for 30 – 60 minutes per day. Today, I have a young. Lab. In the morning he searched the field and found birds. In the late afternoon, I "roaded" him for 1 mile (heeling, off leash, next to the 4 wheeler, going up hill, and traveling between 5 – 10 mph). Then I tossed bumpers in the pond, and he swam, retrieving them, for 30 min, before roading him back to the kennel (another mile). I just put him to bed in his crate, and he began barking. He was fed an hour ago, and I tossed 1/4 cup of food in with him, plus three chew toys. So much for give him a walk. Any other suggestions? Many thanks.

  3. Yolo Shoyo says:

    The problem with my dog is she isnt aggressive when she barks at strangers, she'll run at them in an aggressive manner but as soon as she reaches them she'll just sniff them. Basically she just wants to greet them. She only does this when someone comes to me, but when i take her in a completely unfamiliar area with strangers she doesnt even bark at them, only when they come to us she tries to sniff them. Shes weird lol, if this method doesnt work im gonna take her to a dog training camp.

  4. abby -k says:

    Urghhhh I try to do something like this but my whole family just screams "NONONONO" "QUIET" like the dog is not going to understand you and they look like fools

  5. Batman 4441 says:

    My dogs bark at my aunt and uncle who moved in and every time they come out of their room he barks at them

  6. Faisal J says:

    I don't have a dog:(

  7. Neil Rodriguez says:

    Miriam's dog barks all the time… It's so annoying… I've had it… I don't even wanna be over at her house anymore… Hopefully she stops being stubborn and actually used the tips and tricks advisd in these videos to make her "well trained dog" actually well trained…

  8. Ally Of Anime says:

    My dog won't stop barking until I go outside because he wants my attention, and if I leave he just continues to bark

  9. Alicia Vara says:

    How often should training sessions be?

  10. amara sofia says:

    My dog barks wayy tooooo muchhhh 🙁

  11. Chad Fowler says:

    My dogs name is Barkley

  12. Jane Benton says:

    Love your videos! They have taught me how to teach my dog so many things! Thank you!!

  13. Clara Nencu says:

    God I hope I can get mine to stop. Thanks, Zak

  14. leej1947 says:

    Stella my daughter's dog stays with me, she is impossible to stop her from barking. Where do I start to train her not to bark or listen to me. I love the video, looks so easy. Help LJ

  15. The Deadly Knight says:

    My dog is barking so much so I have to watch this video

  16. Teresa Rosado says:

    stay dont get out i want to know more about that , thank you you r very helpful

  17. Dharna Sahu says:

    I have a beagle, and he's 6 months old well it's been like 4 months we've brought him home, he always barks when he's on leash, I just want him to be disciplined and quiet how will small sessions help him be calm for Long time?

  18. milky south says:

    My dogs do not "think" about barking. That thought process does not exist with them.
    They bark about as often as they breathe.

  19. milky south says:

    Actually, I have 3 chihuahuas and a chiweenie. They bark at people, noises, when I walk across the floor, when I come home, at other animals, when they cats fight, when it storms, when I open the fridge, when I get out a pan, when the wind blows… Is there not a reason why they do not bark? I love them but THEY DRIVE ME CRAZY!!

  20. Alicia Rodriguez says:

    My dog, Liam barks a lot at anyone.

  21. Huskylover816 says:

    I have a question,what do you do when your dog barks because it wants treats am I not supposed to give him it and just hear him bark and get a headache from it? Please help!!!

  22. C. R says:

    My dog barking when I don't look or play with her

  23. mAiSMR Bear says:

    I cant wait to try this on my dog!

  24. Maddog Walker says:

    you should teach us this bit outside because no matter how many times I tell him to stop he doesn't and I end up having to go towards him and we don't keep treats laying around the yard

  25. Dawn Van Walleghem says:

    My dog barks at me when I am sitting.

  26. Crazy lazy dude`s says:

    my dog becomes deaf and cant see or hear anything but the thing that makes noises

  27. Dferrig says:

    My dog barks at 6:20 Am every day when a couple walks past our house with their dog. Tips for getting it to stop? We are all sleeping so there's no way to give a cue or treat.

  28. houda atassi says:

    I have a or problem with my dog rocky. Whenever we go out he barks at all the people who give him even the slightest attention because he wants to go run to them and play.. he's not shy at all!! He doesn't bark if the people don't look at him. Also if I stand in my place with him for a while he starts barking .. which is so embarrassing and hectic! Sometimes we're at the vet and all the dogs are Quietly standing and he's the only one barking like crazy.. I need MAJOR help, please ?

  29. Peri Winkle says:

    To me, this felt like a 7 minute commercial for a sponsored brand of treats and a book rather then a dog training.

  30. Shelby Romstadt says:

    I'm trying to get my dog to stop bark when she is outside playing with my other dogs in our fenced in yard. She likes to bark when she is playing with them and I don't know how to stop it!

  31. terrence grandberry says:

    i have 2 dogs and 1 keeps stealing food from the other ones bowl how do i fix this

  32. kayxx says:

    I have two dogs and when I am walking with her and somebody walks to me just a stranger she is literally attacks what do I need to do

  33. Jonny Servatura says:

    to be very honest I pulled out a belt and whipped the shit out of my dog (Probably the Best method ever and the best part it only cost $1.00 at your local .99 cent store) , never again has he barked. And I am not an animal abuser. I love my dog to death , I wash his body , comb his hair with a premium flee comb, use. expensive shampoo , and give him treats when hes good. I have a great relationship with my dog , he kisses me , even hugs me. If your dog was out of control to be honest it needs anl serious ass wooping and yes he needs to feel pain to actually learn a dogs mind will eventually associate its out of control behaviour with an ass woopin. My parents saved my life by wooping my ass with a belt out of love for me to stay in school and graduate with a degree and become successful like I am today. Ass woopin is by far the best method ever , for a bully to stop he needs ass woopin.

  34. RcLulu1 says:

    The dog didn't bark because she knew who was behind the door! Come on man..

  35. acg2405 says:

    What if your dog is full?

  36. Sweetcandyapple says:

    I have a dog and I find your videos very helpful

  37. Monica Francisco says:

    Does this also work on a westie? Because I want to adopt one but they're known barkers so I wanna learn in advance ☺️

  38. Jdred says:

    Our dog not only barks at knocks on the door, but since we live on the third floor he can see when people he knows are coming into the building and will start barking even before they're in the building and all the way up the stairs to our door. Friends, my kids, my kids' friends, even (and especially) my husband. For some reason not me though lol

  39. PleaseDoNotLOL says:

    0:59… so apparently exiting the dog in a different way by giving them treats is a way to prevent the dog from getting excited in another way. I wouldn't be surprised if these people have a bunch of other problems with their dog now. He's just shilling treats not getting to the bottom of the real problem.

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