How to Train Your Dog to Sit

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All dogs are different. Dogs learn at different paces. In this video, you’ll see several examples of very different dogs learn a cool “training drill”. Training like this leads to much better mutual communication between you and your dog!

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40 Responses to How to Train Your Dog to Sit

  1. Rebekah Stewart says:

    Give me names for my new puppy that's a girl

  2. Rebekah Stewart says:

    If your reading this your AWESOME AND the BEST PLEASE LIKE!!

  3. Adelin Ungur says:

    what kind of breed is he?

  4. Christopher Westover says:

    How old is the puppy, Spike

  5. thegrimreaper916 says:

    Aw she's pretty.

  6. Ushannthi Fonseka says:

    why I am watching this I don't have a dog.

  7. Ushannthi Fonseka says:

    me neither

  8. Ushannthi Fonseka says:

    are dashunds barking

  9. Ushannthi Fonseka says:


  10. xt00JoK4B0iTr3y23kt says:

    What about mountain curr and red heeler breed.

  11. Eva Travenski says:

    That's a malinois

  12. Carlos Jacobo says:

    You say I don't have to take a long time per day to teach, but how long do I do this untill I move to another command like laying down

  13. RobotGamingStudio says:

    Thank u this is helpful

  14. stefan filipovic says:

    Tnx my dog knows how to sit now but every time i walk him he is pulling like hell hes a golden retriever so is there a tutorial on how to tell it to come back to you ?

  15. Kelly D. Rodgers says:

    Your training videos are excellent! I'll be working with dogs in the near future, so your videos will be of great help.

  16. vin muriel Tam says:

    I'm going to teach my great daine dog

  17. fransisco espinosa says:

    Food training is fucking stupid

  18. tiffany ender says:

    Train my dog to sit not worck wat shud i do or downTiffany

  19. Grant Riley says:

    That German shepherd is already trained my gsd isn't trained and doesnt listen I'm starting to dislike the kind of breed

  20. Official Emmy says:

    Why am I watching this after I already taught my dog how to sit?

  21. Mark Gurtiza says:

    I got my new puppy today she is so cute she is 2 months

  22. Stephanie Scott says:

    i need treats for when i do these things?

  23. beverly Rogers says:

    please show that cute pit bull

  24. Lucia Contreras says:

    my dog can do the tricks but only when there's a treat. what can i do?

  25. Priya Soni says:

    hello Zak …… I need your help ….. I have three year old pug ( male)… and he don't listen to me , until I call him 5 to 8 times….. I have puppy golden retriever, while I teach my golden retriever , I try to teach my pug as well. but his focus just remains on eating.
    and if I don't give him treat that time, he don't try again to get it…….
    IN SHORT My pug is not active any more….. Please help

  26. M Solis says:

    these videos are life savers because I'm getting a German shepherd

  27. Johane Phenyo says:

    go straight to the point. U talk to much

  28. boskydoor says:

    Zak, can you troubleshoot lure training? Specifically, I am having trouble luring my friend's dog (Meesh) into a down. I do what it says in the video; she follows the lure to the ground with her head, and then stands up (instead of moving her paw forward into a down). You treated Abby whenever she took a small step, but Meesh doesn't take that step. Any advice? I've tried making the ground more comfortable and doing training from her favorite ottoman so she's elevated above the treat.

  29. Pet Mey says:

    My dog goes into he sit but when I give him the treat he walks offs to his bed

  30. meine culting says:

    I dont know what im doing wrong
    Me : Sit down
    Dog : No, you sit down
    Me : Ok

  31. DaNeatra Barker says:

    what can i do if my dog only moves her head when I move the treat? she refuses to do anything but.

  32. AddiesPiggies says:

    Teaching my 3 yo dog to do this! Very excited!

  33. Ainsley Sweets says:

    I have a dog who, instead of doing what the dog does in the video, she gets up from sit to eat the treat. Please help me?

  34. AyeePlays says:

    When ever i try the sit thingy my dog stands up on two feet! Is that good or bad?? Pls tell meh

  35. MES says:

    My dog goes from a sit to an immediate playing dead position – hoping for a belly young. Every single time.

  36. Ruth Rose says:

    I got a dog about a month ago. I taught him sit stand and paw. sit and stand was easy because I used his natural behavior to do it. paw was a little harder, but he got it pretty quickly. I'm having a little bit trouble with down. I've tried with a treat going really really slow on his nose. may I have some advice please.

  37. Amazing Lauw says:

    My dog is not interested in food/ he wont eat food from my hand… so how should i do it??

  38. 1979darshana says:

    All your videos are cool and really works.

  39. Mary Macdonald says:

    Any tips for teaching a greyhound to sit and lay down?

  40. Alexia_ck says:

    Getting a Maltese x Pomeranian in 2 months and have been watching these vids for the past 3 weeks so I'm prepared

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