Hunting Dog Training (Pre-Training Part 1) Brings you your first part of 4 pre training sessions of our 4 month old Labrador Retriever Hunting Dog ‘Sam’, at 6 months we will start our weekly Hunting Dog training videos.

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Teach puppies to retrieve birds and become future bird dog hunters in this free video.

Expert: Charlie McCanna
Bio: Charlie McCanna has been training and hunting with Labrador retrievers for 22 years.
Filmmaker: Charles McCanna

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40 Responses to Hunting Dog Training (Pre-Training Part 1)

  1. Chaz Morris says:

    Love how you guys rescued him.

  2. Jason Harris says:

    " Doggy Dan knows about behavioral issues of dogs more than any trainer I've ever met. He has helped me to solve serious issues that would have turned into real problems[Go Here== ]. I'm glad to join this online training program. This is the best and I highly recommend it to everyone. Thank you Dan! "

  3. Meredith Hopper says:

    Wow, right now I have my hands full with the video course recommende by Daryl Arktrom’s website, my dog has never been so obedient. Anyway, I bookmarked this vid for later on…

  4. camy katsongo says:

    I love dogs ❤️❤️❤️😇

  5. John White says:

    "Doggy Dan seem to have it all, he establishes a good rapport with both the dog and their owners [Details Here === ]. He uses the most simple and effective approach to training dogs. It's amazing. I really love the video trainings. And he always display a willingness to help at all times. Doggy Dan is very knowledgeable in this business and his trainings gets results.”

  6. King Jacob says:

    I wanna get a Puppy and teach it how to Rabbit hunt.

  7. Enrique Espino says:


  8. Evelyn S. Hollowell says:

    It's totally troublesome when your puppy keeps jumping on people.

  9. Jon Alisa says:

    nice video , If anyone else is uncover the best hints for training their dog try banfan turbo dog trainer (do a search on google)? Ive heard some decent things about it and my mate got cool results with it.

  10. Sarah Jane says:

    Hi fellow sufferes !!, I was so happy when I found – i found my dogs behaviour drastically improved after i followed their program and couldn't thank them more. So many videos for all problems.

  11. Jessica Webster says:

    You actually are allowed to hunt with dogs in the UK, just not fox hunting

  12. qedqef says:

    Who said it was a bad thing in the first place? What, it's bad to kill them before they have fully developed nervous systems but it's totally fine when they're 18 and you need them to go fight for your oil?

  13. BWade40 says:

    Wow, what a sorry, spineless troll. You're the counterargument for why abortion may not all be a bad thing.

  14. bwvbach says:

    Are you retarded?

  15. TetlyT84 says:

    You`re 1 little boy

  16. Krylahh says:

    Fucking psychopath

  17. tpvalley says:

    dogs not to blame, owner is.

  18. tpvalley says:

    you cant hunt with dogs in the UK anymore, its illegal.
    Should be allowed to hunt verminous people that kill for fun; although hunting for food when in need is another matter.

  19. Matt Heussner says:

    @qedqef honestly the only thing i can do is pray that you or anoth sick physco killer like you doesnt live near me. there is no way you can be a sane individual

  20. qedqef says:

    wild hog shred their bellies to pieces with its tusks, teeth, and hoofs. I'd take what remained of sparky and fido, and feed it to the other worthless dogs I had caught back at the compound. Worthless hunters. this is exactly why we need stricter gun control. see, if you're creative enough, you can kill any animal without some pussy device that lobs balls of lead 2300fps. you just have to have the balls…

  21. Roatleroy says:

    My dog was already bringing it back i didnt have to teach him that.

  22. Ethan Lee says:

    hey, I just got a new puppy he is 11 weeks old, and I want to train him to retrieve. However when I through him the toy, I couldn't get him to pick it up. How can I get him to pick it up.

  23. Dominique West says:

    Nice vid 🙂 if you enjoy training your dog and teaching new tricks, or make him behave easily, google Daryl Arktrom’s website for a video course that covers it all.

  24. Vincent Nguyen says:

    My Australian cattle dog, Apache, was a little stubborn but he got the hang of it soon

  25. tiffany bradbury says:

    Why on earth would you want to train your dog to hunt an innocent bird it's just cruel

  26. Lincoln Renfro says:

    I have a question my black lad is 7 he doesn't do it even if I keep training him to do it I have another dog but she is 3 she is a mix of a Bouton dog sorry if I said that wrong do you know if I could train her

  27. alshamel electronics says:

    Please do not hunt birds

  28. John Smith says:

    This information seems like it might be legit, but because it was delivered by "expert" village, I don't trust it. 

  29. Alyx Jade says:

    Never hunt birds

  30. kalub shaw says:

    My german shepherd/ black lab, retrieved the first time we went duck hunting. No training and he is 2 and a half years old. To get him in the water i said "Mack will you get it"? Then cheered him on to go get it. After that retrieve it was "get it" from then on. Best dog in the world.

  31. Cheetohlover says:

    Shitty explanation, just find a pal that has a huting dog and make him learn from him, my pup is 4 months 6 days today and hes already mastered that in less than 1 hour,by instinct they retrieve
    .. Just saying

  32. Thomas Buys says:

    This fool doesnt even look like a geese or mallard hunter!

  33. Thomas Buys says:

    Is it just me or does everybody else have the short advertisement of the dogs bad breath? she's like letting her dog lick her in the mouth! nasty!

  34. JustinBieber says:

    @Snipernoa1 who cares…

  35. SURTO FAK says:

    Why do you call her by her name when you want her to retrieve the duck???

  36. Trevor Lewan says:

    🙁 wow i wish my dog didn't go after birds!

  37. StuningRedneck says:

    What should i do if my puppy just wants to stay at my feet? I guess she might just be too young, but ive got her to where she will heel, sit, and stay so i have no idea why shes not wanting to retrieve

  38. Ricky Anthony says:

    @Batchagaloop yup. Wishful thinking I'm afraid 🙁

  39. Batchagaloop says:

    @MrJackanthony Haha if only more people on youtube, or any where, that not every comment needs a negative remark.

  40. Ricky Anthony says:

    @axs017 Yeah. I know know. thanks. Its probably a good thing too

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