Top Tips For Training A Guide Dog

Tips and Tricks For Training A Guide Dog

Smudge, the 6-month-old guide dog in training, is learning how to stay focused in a pet store 💪🏻🐶 Learn some tips and tricks that are used for training a guide dog. In this video, you will see some great examples of things to your dog should be focusing on when in training.

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Puppies More likely To Fail Guide Dog Training


Coddled pups were slower during multistep problem solving tasks, less able to control their impulses and quicker to bark

For most guide dogs, it’s tough to make the grade. Only 70 per cent of dogs that enter training successfully complete the program. Unexpectedly, it’s puppies that receive the most care and attention from their mothers that are more likely to fail.

Guide dogs need to be able to solve problems and navigate obstacles while also being calm and obedient. This means they need to ignore the impulses – like chasing squirrels – that might tempt their fellow canines. This perfect combination of intelligence and temperament doesn’t feature in every breed of dog, or even in every dog that is bred specifically to enter a guide dog program. Read more…


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