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Teach Dog to Stop Barking


What’s the breed of the dog in the video? Elaine is a mystery mix! We don’t know. Teach your dog to stop barking – by teaching them to bark on cue, and be quiet on cue. A dog should bark when he’s guarding his yard or similar circumstance and an intruder approaches, but there are times a dog shouldn’t be barking and that’s what you want to teach your dog. Teach him to know, when to bark and when not to bark.


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20 Responses to Teach Dog to Stop Barking – DogTubeVideos.com

  1. King Dre says:

    Y are suppose to give the threat to the dog in your hand not on the floor dumbass

  2. King Dre says:

    Wat type of fucked up trainer is that.

  3. Cindy Kingsley says:

    I noticed that you pull the treats from a little pouch on your side. what if I can't get my dog to leave the pouch alone long enough for him to pay attention?

  4. Rudolf S says:

    great & smart & cute

  5. V0rTeX says:

    i dont like that you threw his treat like that, are you scared his gonna eat your hand or what

  6. Timothy Derstine says:

    am i the only one who thinks he looks like he hates life?

  7. ISHD ISHDINA says:

    Dude…your treating for barking are you out of your mind? Wanna cure barking immediatley? Let him bark a few times and then storm out grab his skin behind the ear and slam him on his back while your showing your teeth and being mentally angry… next time he annoys you you do the same until you hear some pussy ass crying and then you are set for life. The dog aint never gonna bark around you or your premises. Have had 7 dogs of different races and it has worked every time. You gotta do it their way just like a wolf mother would do in the wild. Thats the only language dogs really understand. Stop being a pussy and humanize your dog but treat it as the predatorial animal it is and you will gain much more respect and trust.

  8. Lonnie Price says:

    I thought Glenn died in season 7????

  9. Ana RW says:

    how long you should train it like that an hour a day? for a month?

  10. Leonardo Crespo says:

    Thanks for helping me out with my dog's barking problem!

  11. StrawberryPuff says:

    Sometimes its not all about training, have you ever considered the reason behind the barking? The dog could be bored and is just passing time barking at things out the window, or he could be lonely(if it happens when your not home)

    You sure dont look happy teaching him, training should be fun! You look so dull lol.

    The part where you wait for her to "offer" the behavior, she's really saying, hey, I'm unsure about you. Did you catch how she stares at you, wags tail slightly, then barks and jumps back? No? Ok.
    To be honest, I think your training methods are crappy. Specially where you wait for her to "offer the behavior". Of which she hasnt even learned yet

  12. Maria Arreola says:

    This technique makes it look like he's rewarding for barking.

  13. Yang Des says:

    What the fuck he is teaching the dog to bark

  14. PaigePuppyPower Zackary says:

    I think Elaine is part cairn terrier she acts and looks like one

  15. Jonh M says:

    4:20 you know he be smacking that dog

  16. Vegeta SuperSaiyanBlue says:

    My Puppy German Shepherd is so Curious First Day We Brought Him Home He was so Happy,He was Playing With The Carpet and Biting the Couch XD

  17. preamstrikbiz0 says:

    That looks like a carine terrier. They always bark! I'm trying to learn to make my dog calm down

  18. Rouge _rider says:

    It all most looks like he strikes the poor dog cuz it runs from him no?!

  19. GeneralFishFace gaming says:

    I have a thousand dogs

  20. Stop Barking Dog Fast says:

    Very clever dog training technique to stop barking dog nuisance. Keep up the good work!

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