Top 3 Puppy Problems SOLVED! Biting, House Training & Chewing *NEW*

Top 3 Puppy Problems SOLVED! Biting, House Training & Chewing *NEW*

The 3 most common problems when training a new puppy have been solved. Watch this video and learn the steps to do this the right way. No more biting, chewing and the last one how to house train correctly.

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20 Responses to Top 3 Puppy Problems SOLVED! Biting, House Training & Chewing *NEW*

  1. Zak George's Dog Training rEvolution says:

    Hope you guys enjoy the video! If you are potty training a dog be sure to pick up OdorKlenz Pet Urine Eliminator here:

  2. Alicia B says:

    I'm dealing with an high energy dog lab mixed that's 7 months old who hasn't stop biting, not house broken yet, and barks like crazy at other dogs. I enrolled him into adolescent behavior classes and we got kicked out due to they said it's too stressful for him to focus because of his barking at other dogs. They prefer me to get a personal trainer to help his behavior improve. At this moment I'm stressed. Their schedule doesn't match my schedule which making this completely difficult. My dog goes on potty pads since I had him at three months, now he's seven months won't stop. He will not go outside he will hold it until we come inside. I will say he did use it outside once only because he couldn't hold it no longer since then still goes inside. I need professional advice and help immediately. Your videos are amazing and helpful, but I need a trainer fast. Is there a video on how a dog can respond to a female voice instead of a male voice? Mines don't listen to my voice I try to use a firm voice it doesn't work and use a kind voice. That may sound silly but it's the truth he will respond better with a male voice. HELP!!!

  3. Paula Biggs says:

    How can I get my dog to take the treat more gentle

  4. Jun Kazama says:

    how can i stop the aggression while playing with my puppy , he always make grrr noises when holding the toys

  5. edrea daniella says:

    Eta terangkanlah
    Tung tang tung

  6. Skittle Monkeys says:

    ZAK i am hoping to get a husky puppy but for 6 hours on Mondays to Fridays i wont be there do you have any advice?

  7. Priscilla Briggs says:

    i have a chocolate lab puppy

  8. Zoe Purcell says:

    I'm getting a puppy sone any tips

  9. Zoe Purcell says:

    Can you do a live video tomorrow at 5;00

  10. mohamed annouri says:

    This MUG is for each lover of his favorite dog

  11. PetaBread27 says:

    I body slam my puppy once and then he became a pro wrestler. Trust me, don't do it.

  12. nickolas says:

    Getting close 1M sub =)

  13. King Panda says:

    Our black lab puppy is so energetic just like that one in the vid. He bites evrything that moves and had already destroyed onr of my favorite shoes… i get so annoyed and angry but i love that little guy.

  14. Kayleigh The Bean says:

    We are getting 2 Australian cattle dogs next month they were taken out early and have not had a mother. I am 14 years old and hoping to train them. Will it be more difficult, or make things easier? Is there anything important I need to know before training them?

  15. Karrie Blais says:

    My puppy is 13 weeks old and has one accident a week other than that she lets me know when she wants to go out thanks Zak George!!!!

  16. Carlos Jimenez says:

    What do u r giving him as a rewarding trear?

  17. Fyrna Rose says:

    Can you do a vid on bite inhibition? I think that's so important

  18. The Red Minecrafter says:

    Can you come to palm bay Florida to help me train my havanese dog

  19. Gabriela Alvarez says:


    I asked for a vid on huskies and it was too late. he's gone now. I need to know how to train a large dog.

    please do a vid on being in charge

  20. Logan Thell says:

    Zak help me with my dog plz?

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